KIBBI ~ Sometimes, words aren't simply enough.

~ Dear Kibbi, You have no idea the impact you have made to the Akita world. You will always be in our hearts puppy girl

~ Summit's Chi Town Belle of Kibo, CGC, RN, TT ~

"18 September 2008 - 15 November 2020"

Owner: Carole Money Bred by James & Cecilia Carmean

In Loving Memory
Multi BOB American Champion
Award of Merit



I got to the gate of heaven today, after we said goodbye
I began to miss you terribly, because I heard you cry
Suddenly there was an angel, and she asked me to enter heavens gate
I asked her if I could stay outside for someone who would be late
I wouldn't make much noise you see, I wouldn't bark or howl
I'll only wait here patiently with my tennis ball
The angel said I could stay right here and wait for you to come
Because heaven just would not be heaven if I went in alone
So I'll wait right here, you take your time,
but keep me in your heart
because heaven just wouldn't be heaven without you
to warm my heart!
Author Unknown......

"February 1, 2000  - November 17, 2003"

"Ch. Die Hard.  The most loving, affectionate, excellent with children, alert and agile sound healthy boy I have
ever known.   I miss you so much, and if I could only fly I would go to heaven, I would grab you...... and bring you
right back to me!!   I love you, Die Hard......"


This adorable boy was lost due to a respiratory infection he acquired while away from home under a dog handler's care.  He was 8.5 months old when he died in 1999.  Leaving a painful and empty spot in my heart.

In memory of an exceptional loving nature and top quality AKC champions producer
19 October 1999 - 14 September 2009

Tonight I share with you this humble and deep heartbreaking sadness of this unexpected and painful loss of a one of a kind sweet nature and legendary proven producer, Ch. Royal's The Hoochie Mama.  Sadly, cancer has taken her away from us, despite all VET and chemo treatment provided for the past 2 years.  I still remember the many moments Hoochie, Jim and I had so much enjoyed at PetSmarts, at kids' parks, nursing home and with grand children.  Grand children she has never met before, yet managed to cuddle with them and tolerate them taking naps on her belly.  All she ever did in return was licked their faces in such gentle manner as they fell to sleep on her belly, despite how heavy they felt on her.  Can you imagine that?   Needless to say, Hoochie has filled our hearts and the hearts of many who have known her for years, with so much blessings and joy we can't still believe that she's now gone and wish there was a way we could bring her back.  Rest in peace beautiful girl; one of a kind many would remember you by.  Our deepest condolences to Hoochie's breeder Pam Peterson who we could never thank enough for letting Hoochie become part of our lives.  Hoochie - just remember "I'll be dreaming of you tonight, I'll be praying and holding you tight because there is no place that I would rather be, than spending time in heaven with God, you and me".  I miss you so much Hoochie............  Cecilia and Jim

These are Hoochie's beloved and sweet nature babies"


Ch. Hot Mama

Ch. Beauty

Summit's Right On Target

July 2006 - August 2010. 
Cancer took you away from me too soon. 
Rest in peace beautiful boy.

Thank you for your love and beautiful life you shared with is.
We miss you so much!
R.I.P. 05-27-01  -  08-13-11

Run free beautiful boy; mommy Jazzy is waiting for you!
R.I.P. gentle bear 08-19-99  -  08-12-11


Memory of Ch. Summit’s Honey Bear TT

Ch. Summit’s Honey Bear better know as SJ who was named after a very famous military general, General Stonewall Jackson has lived his life in Weatherford Texas. His human family has spoiled him all of his life making him a very important part of the family. SJ has four grown human children, nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren that have grown up with him. S J has had a wonderful show career earning his championship at the age of two years. He was handled by Steve Arnold who did a wonderful job of showing him to the judges. S J retired at the early age of two to be home with his family, although he did make several short trips to father some beautiful puppies. For the last nine years he has lived with Summit’s Flash of Lighting AKA Molly Jean (one of his AKC champion pointed puppies) and three of the most wonderful Shih Tzu anyone could ask for, Pheobie, John Henry Clay and Lady Jazz and the newest member of the family Winston a cute little Frenchie. SJ, Molly the three Shih Tzu and the Frenchie love to play together and sun themselves in the backyard. SJ and Molly love to play tug of war with their rope and sometimes Winston would try to pull the rope from SJ, he just couldn’t manage it. Destiny, SJ’s human grandchild thought she could play tug of war with him one winter afternoon. As she pulled on the rope SJ would let up a little and she would pull a little harder. After doing this sever times the last time she pulled real hard SJ just let go of the rope and Destiny went into the ice cold pool. It was just like he planned it that way and if he could laugh he would have. During the summer all of the grandchildren came to the house to swim and as each one goes off the diving board SJ goes to the other end and as they come up he touches their head with his nose to make sure they are ok. SJ has lived a full and meaningful life and has been loved by all that knew him. He was kind and loving, a real gentle giant and a testament that all Akita breeders strive to breed in the temperament of their dogs. He will always be in our heart and truly missed by all of the family and friends Jerry & Sharon Weigant, Cecilia Ortiz Carmean

~ Beardusk OfSiabo of Serdess "Katie" ~
(9/11/2001 - 2/25/2013)

~ Letting Go ~ 

She left me: In over 30 years of involvement with this breed I have never come across such an elegant, sound and stable Akita who loved to be surrounded by large crowds, children and small animals. A few months ago Katie's stomach had swollen and filled up with fluids as her liver was going out. Our VET told us even though we can treat it, at her age, she is prone of suffering another liver failure. Just be prepared. After a 3 day hospitalization and fluids drained off her stomach this proven loving nature ambassador of the breed kicked back! God only knows we were so happy to see her be her loving and playful self again. Never scared of extreme large crowds, children or small animals. After enduring 1 more fluid draining session a few days ago Katie's stomach had began to swell up, causing her to stumble and fall every few steps she took. Despite her still having a good appetite and little sparkle in her eyes, she unexpectedly became lethargic and barely able to stand up. I rushed her to the VET. Went inside their office and demanded they take her in and keep draining the fluids in her stomach I felt was killing her. I returned to the Van. As the VET came to the Van where Katie and I were laying waiting for him to come check on her (same VET who treated her before) to get her in, he listened to her heart beat, palpated her hard swollen stomach, looked at her gums and tongue, then looked at me and said "Mrs. Carmean, her tongue is blue and her heart rate is so so slow, I don't think there is much we can do to make her better." I told him that can't be. He then gently grabbed me by the right arm and said he wished he could help her but there was nothing he could do at this point. I told him I can't just let her go. He said I would only be hurting her more than helping her if I did not. With a stomach and horrible heart wrenching feeling I realized the best thing to do was to be right by her side as the VET induced a sedative to ease her pain I hugged her and kept reassuring her "I wish there were many more like you. You are sooooo great; I will never let you go. Rest in peace my beautiful old style and remarkable ambassador of the breed."
~ Beardusk OfSiabo of Serdess (9/11/2001 - 2/25/2013) ~"



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