~ Beardusk OfSiabo of Serdess "Katie" ~
(9/11/2001 - 2/25/2013)

~ Letting Go ~ 

She left me: In over 30 years of involvement with this breed I have never come across such an elegant, sound and stable Akita who loved to be surrounded by large crowds, children and small animals. A few months ago Katie's stomach had swollen and filled up with fluids as her liver was going out. Our VET told us even though we can treat it, at her age, she is prone of suffering another liver failure. Just be prepared. After a 3 day hospitalization and fluids drained off her stomach this proven loving nature ambassador of the breed kicked back! God only knows we were so happy to see her be her loving and playful self again. Never scared of extreme large crowds, children or small animals. After enduring 1 more fluid draining session a few days ago Katie's stomach had began to swell up, causing her to stumble and fall every few steps she took. Despite her still having a good appetite and little sparkle in her eyes, she unexpectedly became lethargic and barely able to stand up. I rushed her to the VET. Went inside their office and demanded they take her in and keep draining the fluids in her stomach I felt was killing her. I returned to the Van. As the VET came to the Van where Katie and I were laying waiting for him to come check on her (same VET who treated her before) to get her in, he listened to her heart beat, palpated her hard swollen stomach, looked at her gums and tongue, then looked at me and said "Mrs. Carmean, her tongue is blue and her heart rate is so so slow, I don't think there is much we can do to make her better." I told him that can't be. He then gently grabbed me by the right arm and said he wished he could help her but there was nothing he could do at this point. I told him I can't just let her go. He said I would only be hurting her more than helping her if I did not. With a stomach and horrible heart wrenching feeling I realized the best thing to do was to be right by her side as the VET induced a sedative to ease her pain I hugged her and kept reassuring her "I wish there were many more like you. You are sooooo great; I will never let you go. Rest in peace my beautiful old style and remarkable ambassador of the breed."
~ Beardusk OfSiabo of Serdess (9/11/2001 - 2/25/2013) ~"



OWNER Summit Akitas
BREEDER Beardusk Akitas
DOB 11/09/2001

Katie earned several Best of Winners championship points owner/handled.
Pictured taking BOW over a top ranked Special!!

Meet Katie!  This lovely 110lbs girl was leased to us from her previous owner in June 2008.  Little did we know of what her remarkable and unique soft loving disposition toward all dogs, small children and people would do to us. We could not help but to fall in love with her!!  So, we ended up buying her out; allowing her to become part of our lives, enjoying a happy, stable and healthy home she so much deserves.


AKC pointed girl at 112lbs and full of sweetness!

Meet Katie's future AKC champion kids!!!
Jr  and  Jane


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Parents Grand Parents Great-Grand Parents

BISS/BIS Ch Kawakami's Czar Nicholas (AKC)

Ch Northland's Shere Kahn of SDM (AKC) Kita No Unryu of Sasahara Kensha
Frakari Starfire O'Northland
Can Ch Kawakami's O-Mi-Kami-Mikomi
Ch Kawakami's Zachariah
Ch Kawakami Wesaka's Kitan Mikata

BIS Ch Serdess Smoking Silhouette BD

Ch Prosho's Dash For Cash (AKC)
Ch T'Stone's The Hustler ROMP (AKC)
Regalia's Lotus Blossom
Serdess Cristal Pal Ace OBJ
Ch Regalia's Trans Fur (AKC)
Ch Matsou De Lauclair


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