~ Beefy's sister KoKoro ~

owned & loved by

Jackie, Doug, Natalie & Nathan 

"Nala owned & loved


Linda, Jeff & Katie" 

~ "Meiko" & auntie Alice ~  

Happy Koko :) Loved and spoiled by Rick & Debra

"Gentleness at its best!!!
Attica grandson, Kio 7/2012"

10 week old Charm on lap : )

Happy 2 yr old Moto!

Moto and Family

Zach & Moto - So much love!! Happy Moto @ 11mo.

 Ch Sj at 10 yrs & great-grand baby girl!

Loved by Cathy & Steve"

Tarzan boy, owned and loved by Christina & Keith!

@ 8 Months

Happy Logan & Macho puppy boy!

Fezzik loved by the Knee family

Happy Tamashii & Family!

Tamashii watching over Grandpa June 2011

Daddy Tom being tackled by Tamashii

Tamashii and Tom in Chicago

   "FURIO & his buddy JAX"


    ~ Loved by Kim & Dave ~

5mo. old FURIO!!
(NOV 2013)

Happy Reina & Family on Graduation Day!

"Kodiak" owned and loved by Mark Maggiore and Family

Lovely Carole, Kibby & Roo (NOV 11)

"Multi titled SUMMIT's Chi Town Belle of Kibo, CGC, RN, TT"
(Kibbi & Mark 10/2012!!)


Owned and loved by Dr. Escobedo, TX.


Owned and loved by Robert and Michelle Caamano, TX


Pictured with family Jenna, Heidi and Josh!

Beautiful Jenna and Nikko on Christmas 2010



Scarlet (aka Dutchess) owned and loved by Dr. Barrington and Amy Williamson


Dozer pictured at 10 months with Marc and hugging his Cat buddy!



(aka Cosmo!) Owned & loved by Randy & Linda


Misha with loving Family in IL

This is Will and Sumo, enjoying a lovely Florida sunset! This
handsome looking boy is now 2 years old, a non-dog aggressive and wonderful Akita around any small children.  
Sumo is owned and loved by Will and Tara Finlay in Florida.

"Sumo & Will - So happy together !!l"

"Jade smiling :)  Loved by the Caamanos in TX!"

Summit's Flash of Lightning
Molly is pictured above at 22 Months

Adorable pet companion quality boy 95 pounds of love, muscle
and bone. Kuma boy at 10 months with his Mom Dawn.


Diesel is a wonderful part of our family! Thank you so much!
The Lafreniere’s: Jon, Christine, Denali, & Diesel (aka Ford)


"Chevy with an American Soldier"
"Irish boy (aka Chevy!) is Owned and Loved by Jane and Charles Deal, MO"


BullsEye's son Babe @15months!

Owned & loved by Marie & Eddie Dunn, NJ.

2008 Ch. Onyx with Family

Meet obedient and gorgeous Kibbi - loved by Carole in FL!!
"BABY KISSES... anyone?"


Meet huge Jet! Loved by Michelle and Robert, TX

Rambo with Family in NC!

Ch. Summit's One HotMama
Ch. HotMama owned by Regina Moore

Nala! Owned & loved by Linda, Jeff & Katie


"Zeus!  Loved by the Clay family"


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